Physical Therapy & Massage Therapy

Physical Therapy & Massage Therapy

The average person most likely brushes off the benefits of physical therapy and massages. Some notice the benefits once they’re required to because of a sports injury, motor vehicle accident, or fall. Physical Therapy has been accepted as an important form of therapy for some time now, but “massage therapy has recently received empirical support for facilitating growth, reducing pain, increasing alertness, diminishing depression, and enhancing immune function.” (Field, 1998)

The linked products are some items that PTE SUPPLY offers that help with Physical Therapy and Massage Treatments.

Some of these items are basic massagers, while others are sophisticated laser treatment devices that with modern laser technology, help alleviate pain and inflammation, while increasing circulation.

If you already go to a physical therapy clinic, you most likely won’t need any supplementary physiotherapy products. Although, if you are familiar with what your PT is doing for you and know the products they are using on you, odds are high that you can continue the therapy with one of our products when you’re not at the clinic. You can help speed up your recovery and alleviate your pain in between your physiotherapy sessions.

Not all of our products are for the injured, disabled, or ones suffering from chronic  pain. We also offer fitness products that can help with your conditioning and physical exercises

We will also be adding tutorials and how-to videos for our popular and advanced products. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at the top of this page or through our social media accounts. 



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