15mm Thick Fitness Mats


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1. Waterproof and non-skid: 
2. Non-toxic and odor-less
3. Thickness: 15mm high-density pad can absorb the impact of the joints and provide strong support for users of all levels (especially beginners).
4. Super long: 200 * 61cm
5. Comes with a black handbag, so you can easily carry and store the mat.

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15mm 200x61Black, 15mm 200x80Darkgreen, 10mm 183×60 Black, 15mm 183×60 Black, 10mm 200×60 Black, 15mm 200x61Darkgreen, 10mm 200×80 Black, 15mm 200×80 Black, 10mm 200x80Darkgreen, 10mm 200x61Darkgreen, 10mm 183×80 Black, 10mm 183x80Darkgreen, 15mm 183×80 Black, 15mm 183x80Darkgreen